My Vision

A world without poverty

Imagine a world without poverty, or hunger, or homelessness. Imagine a world where all live in decent homes, with plenty to eat. Imagine a world where everyone has access to a good education, and everyone lives in a safe clean community without fear of crime or violence. Imagine a world where every person has good medical care, every senior citizen can look forward to a secure retirement, and all disabled and elderly can afford assisted living and elder care in their declining years.

A world of prosperity

Imagine a world where economic wealth is efficiently created and equitably distributed. Imagine a world where jobs are plentiful, unemployment is low, and workers are well paid. Imagine a world where every adult receives an income from dividends on capital assets that is large enough to support a decent standard of living. Imagine a world where average income consistently increases more than 5% per year.

A world of opportunity

Imagine a world where opportunities abound to become rich, but no one is poor. Imagine a world, where there is no limit at the top for how wealthy anyone can become, but there is a limit at the bottom that prevents anyone from sinking into poverty. Imagine a world where everyone has an opportunity to succeed in any field of endeavor, including professional, business, and finance – and no one is homeless, or hungry, or without financial means. Imagine a world where many are wealthy, and all are financially secure.

A world without pollution

Imagine a world where growing economic prosperity and high living standards are environmentally friendly. Imagine a world where society is both able and willing to afford the cost of a clean environment. Imagine a world where the air is pure, the rivers are clean, streams and lakes are clear, the environment is protected, and wild life and wilderness are preserved for future generations. Imagine a world where clean renewable energy is inexpensive and easily available. Imagine a world where the power to light, heat, and air condition our homes, to power our cars, to run our transportation systems, to brighten our cities, and to power our industrial facilities is derived entirely from renewable sources that generate no air or water pollution and create no risk of radioactive contamination.

A world without war

Imagine a world where nations live in prosperity and peace without terrorism or war. Imagine a world without dictators and tyrants. Imagine a world where poor and ignorant masses no longer exist to be exploited by political and religious zealots. Imagine a world where all are too well educated and financially secure to be seduced by bigots or tyrants. Imagine a world where historical grievances have been consigned to the past, and where political passions are inspired by realistic hopes and dreams of opportunity, prosperity, and longevity.

My plan to achieve my vision

My plan is simple in concept. Increase the rate of wealth production by raising the rate of investment through public funding and personal savings. Distribute the returns on public investments directly to the people through dividends. I call this Peoples´ Capitalism. At the Peoples' Capitalism website I explain in some detail how public money could be raised and invested in profit making enterprises that pay dividends to the public on an equal per capita basis. The result would be rapid and stable economic growth, from which everyone would benefit. Everyone would own a share in the means of production. Everyone would be a capitalist. Eventually, public dividends would rise to the point where poverty would cease to exist. A clean environment would be affordable, and the primary source of tribal, national, and religious conflict would be eliminated. Humankind would enter a golden age of peace, prosperity, and opportunity.