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Peoples' Capitalism

Peoples' Capitalism is a plan to create a new social order in which material prosperity and personal financial security would be commonplace. Peoples' Capitalism would generate the savings and loans necessary to finance massive new investments in modern technology and generate rapid productivity growth. And it would distribute the benefits of rapid economic growth to all. Everyone would become a capitalist.

Everyone would own a share of the means of production. This has been called one of the great seminal ideas that comes along only once in a century. It resolves the basic conflict between capitalism and socialism. Upon understanding it, you will no longer believe that Utopia is beyond our grasp.

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Engineering of the Mind

Engineering of the Mind: Presenting a reference model architecture for the design of intelligent systems Engineering of Mind presents the foundations for a computational theory of intelligence. It discusses the main streams of investigation that will eventually converge in a scientific theory of mind and proposes an avenue of research that might best lead to the development of truly intelligent systems.

This book presents a model of the brain as a hierarchy of massive parallel computational modules and data structures interconnected by information pathways. Using this as the basic model on which intelligent systems should be based, the authors propose a reference model architecture that accommodates concepts from artificial intelligence, control theory, image understanding, signal processing, and decision theory. Algorithms, procedures, and data embedded within this architecture would enable the analysis of situations, the formulation of plans, the choice of behaviors, and the computation of uncertainties. The computational power to implement the model can be achieved in practical systems in the foreseeable future through hierarchical and parallel distribution of computational tasks.

The authors' reference model architecture is expressed in terms of the Real-time Control System (RCS) that has been developed primarily at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Suitable for engineers, computer scientists, researchers, and students, Engineering of Mind blends current theory and practice to achieve a coherent model for the design of intelligent systems.

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Path to A Better World

Path to A Better World: "Is it really possible to live in a world without deprivation or economic strife, but instead with peace, prosperity, and better opportunities? Path to a Better World proposes a practical plan that provides the means to make this dream a reality—and all before the end of the twenty-first century.

James Albus, an engineer, neuroscientist, and international expert in robotics and intelligent systems, begins by sharing his vision of an ideal world and contrasts that with the current reality. After discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the cur-rent free market capitalist system, Albus suggests an improved version of capitalization that has the potential to broaden the ownership of capital and stimulate significant economic growth. Included is a review of our nation’s technical progress to date and a proposal that encourages future technological advances that possess the capabilities to propel the country into an unprecedented era of success.

Path to a Better World is a well-researched, informative guidebook that allows Americans to imagine a life under a new form of capitalism that has the potential to offer the people of this great nation domestic tranquility, economic justice, and the pursuit of happiness for not only ourselves, but also our posterity."

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